About MSPSA’s South Florida Chapter

The Manning’s School Past Students Association (MSPSA) was established to provide financial and other assistance to Manning’s School to maintain excellence in academics, sports and extra-curricular activities, and to create networking, support and other opportunities for its members and other past students.

Membership in the MSPSA is open to all past students who pay their dues (where required) and agree to abide by the bylaws and policies and procedures established by the respective chapter of the MSPSA.

There are currently five Chapters through which past students may gain membership in the Association. For information regarding establishing a new chapter, please contact the Kingston Chapter. (See Below).

MSPSA-SFL Board of Directors


LeRoy E Bookal                         President

Dawn Williams Bobo                 Vice  President

Lloyd K Kossally                       Treasurer

Jacqueline Boothe-Suer            Asst. Treasurer

Jean Turner                                Secretary

James E Hanson                        Public Relations Officer

Paul E Mullings                          Director without Portfolio

Trevor HB Stewart                     Director Without Portfolio

Cosmond   Vaughan                  Immediate  Past President

Marjorie Foster – Amos             Parliamentarian


Kingston Chapter – President – Carol Newman; 876-315-4849 Facebook

Western Chapter – (Sav) President- Roger; 876-327-5650

New York Chapter – President – Paulette Porteous-Cole; 917-453-1131 Facebook

South Florida Chapter – President – LeRoy Bookal; 954-464-6940

Toronto Chapter – Vice President- Grace Porter; 416-602-4207 Facebook

The MPSA’s Presidents Council facilitates coordination amongst all the chapters to allow the Association to achieve unity of effort. Chapter Presidents hold periodic teleconferences to  discuss the needs of Manning’s and get the input of the Principal, School Board Chair and the Manning’s School Development Foundation in order to devise and implement plans and projects to assist Manning’s to accomplish its objectives.

Please contact one of the Chapters to become a member and join the collective effort to assist our alma mater in the most effective manner.